We specialize in the science of trees, and rely on 30 years of experience and expert knowledge to diagnose problems and develop action and management plans to protect your trees and encourage their health and safety. Our goal is to provide you with information regarding your individual ornamental tree, native oak woodland, or urban forest that can utilized to improve appearance, encourage health and vitality, improve safety, promote a green environment, or plan for construction and development.

We provide a wide range of tree consulting and referral services to public agencies, design firms, developers, non-profit organizations, and homeowners. These services include health and structural assessments, pest and disease diagnosis and treatment, and pruning recommendations. They also include tree assessment and inventory work for existing commercial projects, new development projects, and tree management plans for homeowner associations.

We conduct value and loss appraisals for trees and all other forms of vegetation, and conduct forensic evaluations for insurance companies and law firms.