Horticulture is the science of cultivating and managing ornamental and native plants and plant systems, and we specialize in understanding all components of both natural and ornamental landscapes.

Our problem solving expertise allows us to evaluate landscape conditions and determine the management source of poor appearance and performance. We also work with designers to assess existing conditions prior to planting and make recommendations to assure future landscape success.

Through an assessment of signs and symptoms present on individual plants or throughout a landscape planting, the source of a performance problem may be determined to be a disease infection, pest infestation, irrigation deficiency, improper installation, poor plant selection, soil toxicities and deficiencies, or drainage impairment. It is not unusual to find a combination of components responsible for plant growth distress, and recommending practical steps to alleviate distress and promote optimum growth is our specialty.

By analyzing soil chemical and physical conditions, or performing an analysis of the beneficial bacterial and fungal microflora in the soil, the health of a rooting environment can be determined and adjustments made to promote root and plant health.

Planning for restoration of native areas involves an understanding of the native species present, and the natural conditions present that sustain them. Restoration design, contract growing, and management of revegetation projects helps to restore the environment, and achieve public agency mitigation requirements.